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Melody Thomas, Web Designer and Digital Marketing Strategist

I know, you’re busy crushing it in your business and building your empire brick by brick.

You’re always at work managing your brainchild and making sure every client experience aligns with your impeccable standards. Your loyal clients recognize it and they love you for it.

I’m not surprised. I know you take yourself seriously. I know you have invested immeasurably in time and money and energy to give your business your best. And if we could have a sit-down with your accountant, one thing would be clear, your investment was sound. Betting on yourself was the best decision you’ve made in a long while.

But let’s be honest, there is a big hot pink elephant in the room that you don’t want to talk about. You know it, I know it and most importantly, your clients know it too. You’ve been neglecting one of the most important things in your business and putting on hold the one thing that would complete your luxury brand: Creating your captivating website that will make your clients feel at home.

What you have now, yes, it serves a purpose. It’s a place where clients can find you.

But that’s about all it is. It’s not functional, it’s not welcoming and it’s confusing.

Let me tell you something else you already know: Your loyal clients will forgive you for it but newbie clients who have heard all about your work, they will get there and start to wonder if you can really live up to the hype. Some may give you a chance but most will keep on moving.

Ignoring it won’t make your problems go away. But don’t worry, that’s where I come in.

I work with business leaders who are ready to up level their online presence so their professional brands can finally match their level of service and their elite business philosophy.

I have more than a decade of experience as a web designer and digital marketing strategist. I work with you to determine the best way to visually showcase your brand identity and use cutting edge design strategies to help you attract even more of your ideal clients.

Let me put my expertise to work for you. Together we can up level your online brand. To find out how I can help you, click the button below to apply for a free 30 minute strategy session.

Project Highlights

Meet Melody

Hi, I’m Melody Thomas and I’ve been building websites since my parents bought my first computer when I was 12-years-old. Back then I taught myself. (I was building fan pages for my favorite celebrities, which was all the rage in middle school. I don’t mean to brag but the pages I made for Kelly Rowland and Beyonce back in the day were the bomb.)

I didn’t turn my skills into a business until I was 19 and in college hoping to get some real world experience that would prepare me for work later. I launched my first professional website and really caught a glimpse of the reach of polished website. My business page connected me to my first international client (They were in London) and helped me snag remote clients across the U.S. I still haven’t met some of them in person.

These days, I’m using the knowledge to help business owners launch websites and access the globe. I look forward to getting to know more about you and your business.

If you have any questions about my services, products, or want to hire me to speak at your next event, email me at

Past Client Love

  • I now have a sales funnel that sends women running to my door. Sometimes, I wake up and BOOM, New Money! My clients not only feel connected to who I am and what I offer, but they also have no problem investing in my services and products. Basically, if you re passionate about what you do and you want your clients to come to you… hire Melody… she’ll give you a REAL reason to dance!!!

    Shawna Murray-Browne Life Coach and Therapist
  • Before working with Melody, I was doing Facebook ads myself and wasn’t getting a lot of results. I was experiencing a big drought in getting people on the phone and I wasn’t sure where to go next to get clients. Melody made an effort to understand my business and what I wanted to do with Facebook ads. After a week of working together, I got booked with six strategy sessions from potential clients!

    Dr. Ruby Thomas Nutritionist
  • Melody created my first sales funnel and I got my first paying client – who paid $2,000 on the spot!

    Donna Newman-Robinson Success Coach for Women Veterans
  • The Facebook & Instagram Ads course has been such a game changer. The content that Melody teaches coupled with the live demonstration provides an amazing learning experience. I walked away with relevant information that has positioned me for major success in running my ads.  Working with Melody has eliminated the overwhelm and the guess-work with running ads. She truly has a passion for her craft and demonstrates her love for her clients, in addition to providing stellar customer service. I highly recommend the course and connecting with Melody, get started today!

    Chimere Hunter LeadHER Enterprises, LLC
  • It's here! My new website,! You can find all my recipes, videos, blog posts and books here! Melody made this happen for me! She created a beautiful, functional website that can house all my interests and products! If you're looking for a professional website, check her out!

    Jarita Hagans, MD Physician
  • Before working with Melody Thomas, my site did not professionally represent my brand. I was frustrated because I knew I needed to up level my site to attract my ideal client, but I didn't have the time nor patience to do it on my own. After working with Melody, I now have a user-friendly, professional looking site that conveys my message, enhances my brand, and converts clients.

    Sharonda Johnson, Ph.D. Life Coach
  • Melody is an awesome web designer and business consultant. With her help, I landed my first client in 3 weeks and still signing up clients till this day. If you need help with your website and/or guidance on what to do once you launch your business, then call Melody. She will walk you through the scary process of being a new business owner.

    Tamara Belvin Coach
  • We weren't simply interested in finding a web developer, rather developing a long-term relationship with a company to assist in our site redesign, branding, search engine optimization, and educating our team on the web development and update process. The Genius Circle displayed great communication, professionalism, and patiently collaborated with us to produce a design we love. I look forward to working with Melody as we expand our site features, and excitedly recommend her team!

    Yorri Berry
  • Melody Thomas was able to rejuvenate and redesign the layout of my website. My site is now interactive, organized, and creative. She went above and beyond to get the job done correctly!

    Katrina Garnes Owner of Cold Storm Media
  • As my business grew and evolved, the I skimped on my previous website and tried to do it myself but that was just not serving me anymore and it didn't fit into the vision I had for my business or my brand. I wanted something that screamed luxury and represented the kind of service I offer to my clients. Melody delivered! Not only did her design exceed my expectations but so did her professionalism and speed. Listen, just hire her right now.

    Desiree Stennett Journalist
  • I am very pleased with the look and feel of my company's website. Melody was able to capture my vision for the world to see. I have received numerous compliments on the color scheme and user friendliness.  Her ability to create a logo and relevant website has helped the business tremendously.

    Shavon Arline-Bradley Reach Beyond Solutions, LLC

5 Steps to Launching a High-Converting Website