You’re tired of throwing money away to Facebook ad campaigns that have gotten a ZERO return on investment. You’ve watched countless Facebook ad tutorials and even purchased a few training courses from online marketing gurus. Surely because they made it look easy, you thought it would be a piece of cake for you, right?

Then you realized it was the single most frustrating thing since having your in-laws come over unannounced!

But isn’t it about time you learn exactly how to make Facebook ads work for you? The only problem is you’ve been trying to do it out all on your own and it’s costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars. You just can’t seem to figure what to do to take your business to the next level using Facebook ads.


I’m Melody and I’m a Facebook ad strategist who’s really good at one thing: helping women like you make more money while growing their online brand by using Facebook ads.

When we work together we’ll:
build an authentic brand that feels good. You’ll drop the mask you’ve been hiding behind for so long and expose yourself – not your naughty bits, but your beautiful personality so that people who want to work with you fall in love.

lay down the foundations to grow your business. Your beautiful business card? These days they are a static brochure. They tell people who you are, but they won’t make you money.

create a system that’s automated using Facebook ads and will attract high-end clients that won’t flitch at your high-end services.

get clear on exactly who your ideal client is, what they want and how to position it so they can work with you.


Ready to get crystal clear on the strategy you should implement to explode your brand?

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