my work

Designed and developed websites for a variety of clients using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress

Co-directed videos with the creative team of the Democratic National Committee to produce online content for Organizing Corps 2020.

Created an online training course that shows business owners how to DIY a kick a$$ WordPress website in less than a week without learning how to code or hiring a web designer

Acquired new leads and customers for clients using sale funnels and Facebook advertising campaigns

  • I now have a sales funnel that sends women running to my door. Sometimes, I wake up and BOOM, New Money! My clients not only feel connected to who I am and what I offer, but they also have no problem investing in my services and products. Basically, if you re passionate about what you do and you want your clients to come to you… hire Melody… she’ll give you a REAL reason to dance!!!

    Shawna Murray-Browne Life Coach and Therapist
  • Before working with Melody, I was doing Facebook ads myself and wasn’t getting a lot of results. I was experiencing a big drought in getting people on the phone and I wasn’t sure where to go next to get clients. Melody made an effort to understand my business and what I wanted to do with Facebook ads. After a week of working together, I got booked with six strategy sessions from potential clients!

    Dr. Ruby Thomas Nutritionist
  • Melody created my first sales funnel and I got my first paying client – who paid $2,000 on the spot!

    Donna Newman-Robinson Success Coach for Women Veterans