Six Questions Your Next Web Designer Should Ask You

Whether you are hiring a web designer to design your website for you or decided to DIY it yourself, there are some critical questions your next web designer should ask you. The answer to these questions will help you focus on developing a well organized and well-planned website that convert and keep visitors.

What is the goal of your website?

This is very important and helpful in attracting people to your business. However, if you want to get people to have a vested interest in your website, provide visitors with something they need, mainly if you operate a small business. For example, if you are an owner of an ice cream shop, your goal may be to attract people into the shop with the unique assortment of flavors you offer. Make your goal clear since it will help you and your web designer to deliver the final product you are expecting.

Who is your target audience for your website?

Knowing your target audience will provide you or your web designer the valuable information. If you are providing a professional service like business training, then you should target business owners. If you are supplying male enhancement products company, your audience is likely to be male adults. Having this background knowing of who your target audience is, will ensure the design of your website provides the exact information your visitor is searching for, this will attract them to the website, and keep them on your site.

What personality do you want to project?

If you run a small business which boards, train, and sell horses, you should target the design to reflect a natural, outdoorsy feel. If you are into the sale of electronic gadgets, you should need a more dynamic, bright, and modern personality that will attract a tech-savvy audience. The personality of your website matters as it gives you the opportunity to show visitors a little about you and your products or services before they contact you.

Do you have examples of websites you like (or don’t like)?

Spend time enough time searching for websites that are attractive to you on your niche. Search also for those that you don’t like and take a decision. A well-planned website must be appealing and will provide the layout and design you can follow. It should be able to attract traffic and make them stay on your site. Get clear on what do you like on the websites and what pisses you off. Use this website’s information to design your own.

Who will create the graphics for your website?

Are you proving the logos, photos, and graphics to upload to your website or is your website designer providing them? This is something you should know. Your new website should contain images and logos that are appealing to the audience. It provides visual awareness to the visitor’s eye. You need to take the best decision as it could have an impact on the overall cost of designing the website.

Does your copy incorporate relevant phrases, keywords, and links?

Incorporating targeted keywords and phrases is an important aspect of copywriting for any website. It helps search engines optimize and make it easy for your website to be seen by those searching for relevant keywords. It is important you do in-depth research for keywords that will convert. Use free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools or hire someone to do it for you. If you are using a web designer, ask him to do it for you or provide the keywords to use.

If you’ve provided answers to these questions, you are good to go! You can start designing your new website.

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By Melody Thomas

Melody has ten years of professional experience as a web designer and digital marketing strategist. She has worked with small businesses, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, political campaigns, and higher education institutions with noteworthy organizations being Girl Scouts and the Democratic National Committee. She is also a world traveler and international speaker and her work has been featured in publications such as FastCompany and the New York Times.